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Help buying 08 Kona Stab Deluxe or Rocky Flatline 3

Max_guyMax_guy Posts: 2
edited October 2011 in MTB buying advice
I am torn between two bikes. Looked at the specs and rode both and can't make up my mind.

I am looking at a 08 Kona Stab Deluxe vs an 08 Rocky Mountain Flatline 3. Not this is an 09 but can't seem to get the 08 specs laid out nicely like this page.

Both run Shimano gears, both have same front forks Marzocchi 888 RCV 200mm.
Kona runs Hayes stroker brakes with DOPE system. Rocky has Shimano saint disk brakes.

Rocky Fox DHX 5.0 Kona Fox Van R (it appears if a noob like me does not know how to setup shocks the van can yield better exp or so others say)

Comments, grips, complaints, or feed back would be appreciated. Thanks you.

FYI the Rocky is $300 more then Kona.
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