Cateye Double Wireless Computer - help

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I have had my cateye computer since Christmas. I noticed on my last ride that the computer wasn't picking up the signal from the sensor. When I moved the computer nearer it picked up a signal, so I thought the battery is going in the sensor.

Changed the battery in the sensor and not the computer doesn't pick up a signal. I have followed the instruction to link the two, but still no signal.

Can anyone help??



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    Is it showing the battery low indicator on the display ?
  • Hi, I had the same problem with a Cat-eye, it appears that as the batteries run down a bit they become more susceptible to how close they are to the magnet. I had my sensor mounted on the right hand fork-blade, facing forward and noticed that the sensor has an area marked 'sensor zone' which was on the outside of the bike. I moved the sensor to the left hand fork so the 'zone' is as close to the magnet as possible and it appears to be working fine. Hope that doesn't sound too weird.....!!!