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Thinking of replacing my BB which is a Shimano UN54 Cartridge one to one of the non-cartirdge type ones as I have heard the non-square taper/non cartirdge BB's are better and it means I can uprgrade my crankset (currently FSA branded RPM newb stuff)

Problem is I am not sure whether my bike (a Giant SCR 3) is compantible with non cartrdige BBs? Also there seem to be alot of different types out there so is there anywhere that explain the differences?

The measurements of the current BB are 68x113mm.

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    Assuming you're meaning an external BB like Shimano Hollowtech 2, FSA MegaExo or SRAM GXP? You need to upgrade your cranks and BB at the same time. Whilst you'll probably see an overall reduction in weight and maybe drivetrain stiffness, you'll probably see a drop in reliability if riding in the wet because the bearings are exposed to the muck thrown-up from the front wheel - some barely last a winter.
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