removing bottom bracket on carrera fury

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hiya, im after some help! i want to remove the standard bottom bracket on my carrera fury and replace with a new better quality one but im a bit stuck as how to do it and what i need. i tried taking the crank assemble off today for a clear and inspect out to do it. i undone the bolts in either crank arm where it looks like it joins onto the spindle that goes through the bb, the drive side arm came away just leaving spindle and bb, the none drive side i couldnt get off. could this arm be attached to the spindle or is it just stuck? does th spindle just need hammering out then? then i think i need something like this ... elID=10177 to undo the bb then it should all be apart?

this is a bit of a guess so please excuse me if im totally wrong!

refitting is usuall th opposite so seems straight forward but the bb cups sit outside so again think i need one of these? ... elID=42809

thanks for any help/advice!


  • The crank arm should just come off just like the drive side. Slacken the allen screw, just a little bit and hit with a hammer and it should come off.
    You will need to buy the BB tool ... elID=10177 to remove.
    If you are changing the BB for a better one, you will need to buy new crank arms to fit the new BB as the crank arms on it now only fit the BB thats fitted as standard and probably not worth it.
    I just kept changing the BB.
    The BB thats on is a Truvativ powerspline. Its not the best but its cheap.
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    It probably needs a crank puller rather than a hammer- sure you can often hammer them off but it's not a great idea, can damage the cranks or the splines.
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