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My £1000 cycle to work scheme voucher has just arrived for use at Ribble Cycles, they won't allow me to spend a penny more as I work in the public sector so I will have to build with the new 10 speed Tiagra group set.

I'm not able to get down to the store to view any of the frames but looking on their website I like the look of the GF, Stealth, Sportive Bianco and Racing.
I'd be grateful for any thoughts from Ribble bike owners or non-owners. All can be got for under £1000 with Tiagra or Campag Veloce on the Bianco as thats the cheapest frame. Bike will be used for commuting, weekend rides and the occassional charity ride. Many thanks.

Sportive Bianco
Gran Fondo
New Sportive Racing


  • I took delivery of a Sportive Bianco in July. I had the wheels upgraded to Mavic Ksyeriums and the groupset to Ultegra which added to the cost. I couldn't fault the bike or the service from Ribble (i know they get mixed reviews but my experience was spot on). I don't understand how they can do it for the money.
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    I also got myself a Sportive, but with Rival Groupset, stuck with the standard refinements due to my budget. I absolutely love it, going from strength to strength and looking to do my first 100miler in November! Was a complete novice when I got the bike. Will be upgrading the wheels soon though! Good luck with your purchase anyway buddy
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    I'm stuck deciding between a Ribble Stealth and a Planet X Nanolight Hi Mod. I currently have a Planet X SL Pro Carbon which is great but I've had it a few years now and I want a change. Bike Radar review of PX NL HM wasn't good, but was on the Stealth which also got good reviews in it's De Rosa format in Cycling Weekly. Still the PX looks great where as the Ribble I'm not keen on. Obviously if I'm looking at these two bikes I'm not a bike tart but it's still important as I want to be inspired to get out and ride the thing! Also the Stealth looks far better value for money.

    May be I'll stick with the SL Pro Carbon as I know that is a good bike that looks good too (although could be stiffer around the head tube area).....

    Anyway Wayneabs to answer your question for your riding I'd go with the Bianco unless you want something racey in which case go for the Stealth.
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    wayneabs wrote:
    Bike will be used for commuting, weekend rides and the occassional charity ride. Many thanks.

    I have the Stealth frame bought direct from China or wherever they make them. If you want a bike for commuting and leisure/fitness I think I'd rule the Stealth out. It is very very stiff. Great when you want to put the power down, especially when climbing but can be a little harsh.

    I'd go for the new sportive, nice frame worthy of upgrading later
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    +1 for Racing

    Got one this year and have put nearly 1000 miles on it so far. A superb all-rounder.
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  • I have a New Sportive Racing.

    Watch out for the Ribble sizing - it seems to be 1 size up on the Sportive racing and also the original Chinese sizing. I am 5'10" and I got a large but maybe I should have got a medium. Having said that I have had some great rides without any of my normal back problems.
    Also the slack head angle leaves an ugly gap between wheel and frame but makes the bike really stable.

    The Ribble headset is badly engineered (there goes my warrant) - there is no upper cone to fix the steering tube in position so it rocks on the 2 o-rings under braking. I could not get Ribble to accept there is a fault so just buy another brand.
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  • I have a Sportive Bianco with Athena and Vento Reaction wheels. I love it. My times improved and all my regular rides from my previous bikes. Very smooth ride too. Read the Cycling Weekly review on the Ribble site. Spot on.
    I'd personally go with Veloce. It works well, looks great, maintains it's value well too.

    My advice?
    Get what you can afford with the £1000.00. Before you use it get a bike workshop to take off the wheels. Sell them 'as new' on eBay or here. You'll be suprised what you can get. Upgrade your wheels on Ribble seperately. Same can apply to if you want the groupset upgraded. Sell them before you use them. You'll get more that way. And you WILL want to upgrade them - human nature!
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  • Thanks for all the advice - very helpful.

    The certificate says I should not sign it until I receive the bike, I'm assuming I just sign it anyway and send it off to Ribble and hope they build me a bike!

    Leaning towards the New Sportive over the Bianco as I'm not convinced an all white bike is for me.

    I was going to sell the wheels and get a new set - maybe some 50mm carbon clinchers off ebay. I'll probably stick with the Groupset for a while.
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    wayneabs wrote:
    The certificate says I should not sign it until I receive the bike,

    Well yes, an unscrupulous company could just pocket the cash and not give you a bike. They have your signature that says you've had the bike.
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    i got the sportive bianco. upgraded wheels etc. as you plan to do. outstanding bike and also very light and stiff which rarely gets mentioned. looks are a personal thing but the white and silver frame against the black carbon clinchers looks ace
  • Maybe I should not say this but the Sportive Bianco does look better than the New Sportive when you put them side by side. And my mate loves his Bianco. He comments on the smooth ride every time I see him.

    Just take extreme care with the sizing and make sure that you are happy with the top tube length.
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    Just to back up what was said above, I am 5'10 and Ribble recommended that I get the Medium sized Sportive Racing. It fits me perfectly.
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  • I am 6ft so have gone for large frame (5ft 10 - 6ft 1) based on the geometry on their website and their recommendation via e-mail.

    Oli did you go for the 50mm carbon clinchers off ebay? Whats your thoughts on those - looks like they can be had for around £350 with delivery.