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About 6 weeks ago i bought my first road bike, a Ribble Sportive Bianco. I only managed to get out on it a few times and did no more then 60 miles when 2 weeks ago, while i was out for a gentle ride and changing up a gear the rear mechanism hanger snapped clean in half, twisting the rear mech into the wheel, damaging it. I rang Ribble straight away but didn't manage to speak to anyone for 2 days. Eventually when I did they said they would send a box to collect it so they could inspect but the earliest would be in over a weeks time so i decided to drop it off at my own expense (drive to Preston from Lincolnshire). The following day I got a call from them saying that the damage WOULDN'T be covered as i must have knocked it at some point since receiving it to cause it to fail like it did. I can categorically confirm that I have never knocked the bike, dropped it or let it fall over, it is my pride and joy and is stored in a basically empty double garage. In my eyes, the failure of the rear mech hanger (which is supplied by Ribble and not with the components SRAM) and the fact that the bike is still basically brand new, Ribble should repair any damage caused by this failure. Having spent £1100 on this bike i cannot afford to now pay for a new rear mech, wheel and the labour to repair it so soon after getting it.

Any advice on how i should proceed with this would be very much appreciated.



  • Rear hangers are designed to bend / break rather than damage the frame.

    Think you'l be stuck with sorting this out and finding a new place to buy bike kit from.

    Ribble have a pretty average reputation I'm afraid.
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    Tough one. I can understand Ribble's viewpoint, after all the hanger sounds like it had a knock (or got bent and was then straightened). They only have your word saying that the bike did not get a bump. Why not call them and see if you can appeal to their better nature and reach a compromise?

    My rear hanger got bent last year (no other real damage fortunately) and the LBS straightened it but recommended that this was only an emergency repair whilst my replacement was ordered (I elected to ride another bike whilst waiting).

    In the first instance call Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06. Explain your problem to them and they will give you some good advice. If they agree you have a good case they will give a reference number which you can quote to Ribble for a bit of clout.

    You have 2 things in your favour, time and the Sale of Goods Act.
    Under the sale of goods act 1979 - Anything Ribble sells should be fit for purpose. So for example you can expect to go cycling within the first 2 months of buying your bike without any components breaking.
    Secondly you only had your bike 6 weeks - Under the sale of goods act - "If your claim is about a problem that arises within six months of buying the product, it's up to the retailer to prove that the goods were of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose, or 'as described' when it sold them."

    Unfortunately because it's a bike, then you could have crashed it and they're using this excuse to undermine the slae of goods act.
    It might be that you'll have to come to a You buy a replacement hanger and spokes from them if they provide the manpower free to repair the items.

    Either way your going to have a fight on your hands. Good Luck.
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  • Thanks for the responses.
    Ive just spoken to consumer direct and they recommended getting an independent expert to look at the bike to try and determine whether it was a failure of the part.
    What angered me most was that the guy (I won't name names just yet) at Ribble was adamant that I must have knocked it or have come off my bike at some point to move it out of alignment even through when i dropped the bike off i pointed out that there were no other marks, scratches or dents on it. He wouldn't entertain the idea that their mechanics had not built the bike 100% accurately, that the courier may have dropped the box (which would fall under their responsibility as they choose what courier to use) or that plain and simply the hanger they used may have been faulty.
    Customer service at Ribble really isn't their strong point!
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    Ribble don't choose the hangers - they come from China already attached to the frame...