Woman's beginners bike

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Have persuaded my mature wife to try cycling but she does not want to spend much. Looking at a Diamondback Peak or a dawes XC1.0 or 1.2 mainly as they are what are in stock at local retailers and at the right sort of price (£200ish).

Better spec on Diamondback but not sure about quality - am in a quandry as to which to go for - any help/suggestions much appreciated.


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    What sort of terrain are you planning on riding?
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  • Daz555 wrote:
    What sort of terrain are you planning on riding?

    Mainly roads but green/blue tracks as well. Have just come across the Saracen Tufftrax which gets a good review - any thoughts on it?? Any help appreciated!!!
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    I had a careera fury when I first started adn it was alright, spesh hardrock was also a good choice, although my favourite atm is my kona Jake the snake. A Cx bike might be a good choice as it is capable of light off road and is pretty quick on the road especially if you stick some slicks on it, I think boardman do a cheapish cx bike with mechanical disc brakes. Dont try only womens bikes try small mens as well. Iv never owned a womens specific bike, partially cuz I hate the shitty colours they come in and partially becuase a small mens frame seems to feel pretty goood anyway.
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  • To make sure my girl gets to try mountain biking on a decent bike I built her one. I used the same spec kit that's on my bike so she's not an an inferior machine and got to spec to fit her perfectly.
  • Many thanks all - will check the various options out and make a decision!