Reassembled wheel and not freewheeling?

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Hi guys, damaged a rim on a Mavic Aksium 2011, purchased a new pair, and dismantled the old damaged rear wheel to see how things were put together as didn't think i was going to use it again...

Then, i realised that i 'might' be able to use it for the turbo trainer, with an old tire, to save damaging my good tires.

However, i've fitted it all back together, put the 2 x springs back into the freehub and refitted the cassette, also put the shaft back through the hub etc., however when i put it on the bike in the work stand and pedal, as soon as i stop pedalling the cranks spin around with the wheel! If i stop the cranks manually, the back wheel comes to an abrupt stop and chucks the chain off......

However, when i hold the wheel in my hand, it appears to act exactly the same as my new mavics, i.e., they spin with the tick tick etc., and spin whilst holding the cassette still.....

Any ideas what i've done wrong?


  • I recently did a similar thing, and had a similar problem, albeit on a different wheel. Exact same semi-free semi-fixed effect.

    I had a Khamsin rear wheel I was servicing. When I reinserted the freehub, I mauled the pawls and the spring got bent/twisted.

    Replacing the spring, greased and carefully reassembled, now it works fine.
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    It's likely one of two things -

    1) You caught the pawl spring like Tom did when you put it back together (it's easy enough to do, trust me :oops: ),

    2) You put a spacer in the wrong place or bolted the axle up too tight (too much pre-load) and as a result you have binding on one of the bearings that is stopping the freehub spinning freely.

    I suspect 2 since it sounds like the wheel works out of the bike. I suspect it's a little tight but works out of the bike and the pressure added by the QR is enough to cause it to bind.