Foot pain after switching from SPD to flats

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I just switched from SPD pedals and shoes to flat shoes and pedals on my MTB. I have been out 3 times now and I am getting some pain through the sole of my right foot and a bit of numbness in my toes from time to time. I am now wearing Shimano AM41 shoes having switched from M122 SPD shoes (the M122s are more of a X-C racing type shoe). The AM41s feel very comfortable and there are no pressure points that I have noticed. I did notice that the AM41s are much less stiff than the M122s. Is the pain and numbness a result of my feet having to compensate for this decrease in stiffness? Has anyone ever encountered this issue?

Thanks for any insight.


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    Hard to say and I wouldn't take medicle advice of the tinterweb, but possibly your foot is in a different position causing a bit of discomfort.

    Keep going out and see if it improves.
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  • When I read the topic title, I thought exactly what you said yourself. Sounds like your feet may be curving on the pedals due to the stiffness of the shoes.
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    Thanks for the input. I will keep at it and see how my feet feel. Now, if only the rain and wind would let up for a couple of hours!