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Full suspension bike options

jaymzof78jaymzof78 Posts: 4
edited October 2011 in MTB buying advice

I am getting a new bike and have narrowed it down to these 2 steeds::

2011 Ghost ASX4900 - ... 0-10-36183

2011 Specialized FSR Camber Comp - ... ?&id=14783

Which shall I go for? I see the Ghost has a slightly better review (4/5) vs camber (3/5).

Are the components better on the Ghost? I see it has no rear lock out but the camber does....and the Ghost has a better fork and better brakes than the camber?

really don't know which one to's on my works cycle2work scheme....and before you ask I can't use it at halfords or I'd get the Boardman Full suss!

any advice will be great!


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