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LaPierre Tecnic 500 2011

BrianJ3BrianJ3 Posts: 9
edited October 2011 in MTB buying advice
I had been waiting for the BTwin Rockrider 8.1 to come back into stock at Decathlon, but today I saw that there's a 25% off deal on all 2011 LaPierre bikes in the Belfast CRC store. So I have bitten the bullet and reserved a Tecnic 500 for £600 (£200 off RRP). Deposit is refundable if I change my mind. ... elID=55620

Problem is I can't find any reviews for these bikes. The frame, spec and weight look great for the money, but I'm no expert, so am just afraid of missing something. It's for light trail use mostly and a bit of XC. Am hoping some of the better-informed riders on here can give me their opinion on the bike. Thanks in advance.


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Looks like a decent deal to me.
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    It's similarly specced to the RR, maybe a little less. Good value now, but wasn't worth the rrp.
  • BrianJ3 - did you get an invite to the CRC Lapierre (online) sale?

    2009 41cm Tecnic 500 for £388

    • Frame : Alloy 7005 DB Hydroformed
    • Fork : Rockshox Tora 302 CL 100
    • Headset : Ahead Set 1.1 / 8
    • Bottom Bracket : Shimano BBES25 118 MM Octalink
    • Crankset : Shimano FCM 442 22X32X44
    • Stem : LP XC 100 MM Black Glossy
    • Seatpost : LP XC COMP 6061 27.2X350
    • Handlesbars : LP XC Comp Rizer 606108 25.4X620 MM
    • Front derailleur : Shimano Deore
    • Rear derailleur : Shimano New SLX Shadow
    • Brakes : Shimano BRM486 160 / 160 Rotors
    • Shifters : Shimano Deore
    • Saddle : LP PFF Tech White
    • Wheel : Rims Mach1 Subzero 32T / Hubs Shimano RM65
    • Sprocket : Shimano HG50 9S 11X32
    • Tires : Hutchinson Python 26X2.00
    • Weight : 12.8 Kg
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  • Felix - no I didn't get that invite. What's the story with that - I take it you can't get the discount without the invite? Do you have a link? Would be good to see if they have it in a 51cm, or even a higher model at those prices. Thanks
  • Tried it, but no joy:

    "You have not been invited to any active sales at this time" :cry:

    Thanks anyway!
  • I got out on the new LaPierre at the weekend and am generally happy with it. There were a few basic set-up issues that I've remedied since, so next ride should be more telling.

    I hadn't ridden a bike in a couple of months since my old Fury was stolen and am not the most skilled anyway, so I don't know how much was me and how much was the bike and tyres, but it was a very wet day and I was struggling with grip. Lots of mud and wet roots so I was spinning up the back wheel everywhere, with my feet coming off the pedals (I put DMR V8s on it) regularly and a few nice cuts to show for it. Might look at better tyres for mud. Width-wise, I was used to 2.3" tyres on the Fury, whereas the Tecnic 500 has Hutchinson Python Original 26x2.00. I think the tyre pressure might have been on the high side too, although I did think the ride wasn't as rattling as the Fury over a fast bumpy section crossing hundreds of roots.

    Aside from that, bike felt nice, light and nimble. Easier to throw around than the Fury. Shocks felt a bit soft and brakes maybe not as strong as on the Fury, though maybe not bedded in yet. Shimano gears felt slicker than the SRAM ones on the Fury and I could easily drop several gears at once. Chain did come off once though, when I was just coasting to a stop and changing down in preparation for a climb.

    All in all, I'm happy with the bike and looking forward to getting the set-up right and getting a better feel for it. Going to a purpose-built trail this weekend, so that should be a good opportunity for getting to know it a bit better.
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