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Gigantex 38 or 50mm Carbon Wheel Choice

Sergeant RockSergeant Rock Posts: 56
edited September 2011 in Road buying advice

I am after buying a set of new ‘super do it all’ wheels and can’t afford Zipps etc. I have been looking at some handbuilt wheels from The Wheelsmith. My preference is for 38 or 50mm Gigantex carbon tubular rims on Royce Hubs with silver CX-Ray spokes.

I would really welcome some advice about whether to go with the Gigantex 38mm or 50mm tubular rims. As indicated these wheels should ideally be ‘do it all’ and I would want to be able to use them on hilly sportives, road races and TTs. I think there will not be much weight difference between the 38mm and 50mm ultralight rims, both around 360g per rim, I believe, so there shouldn’t be an issue with climbing feel but I am unsure how much difference the rim height will make in cross winds etc.?

For reference my current best wheels are Shimano Dura-Ace 7850 CL 24 Clinchers converted for tubeless duty. I ride a Look 566 which is pretty compliant so the stiffer wheel a 50mm rim will build up over a 38mm rim shouldn’t be a issue with overall ride feel. Weight wise I’m 76 kg give of take a bit.

Also can anyone comment on the braking performance of Gigantex carbon rims and or their general quality / longevity.

Would really appreciate any advice out there - many thanks.


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