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BeOne Aspire 2010, any better HT's for £750 give or take?

weeksy59weeksy59 Posts: 2,606
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Mate is after a lightweight HT for some Gorrick races we're planning as his old Carrera is a bit of an old donkey. So he's/we've been browsing about and found this fella...
11kg... Shimanos', Recon SL's... i'm rekoning it's a winner..

However.... you boys may know of better so thought i'd throw it out there...

Fastish decent XCer is the criteria really... in about an 18-19" frame.

Due to my fashion victim status, i'd tell him to go 29er LOL.... but i don't think there's anything in his range is there ? ... 0s155p3633

But looking not great forks ?


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