bike grease

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Sorry for the stupid question :oops:

I just got my new bike through and put it together and Im just about to put some crap pedals on whilst I wait for the spds to come.

I got some bike grease from years ago but not sure If its the correct stuff to use to put pedals on. ... ct_id=1053

If not let me know and Ill go buy whats needed asap.

thanks guys :oops:


  • trekvet
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    That's the stuff (in the link), although Copperslip may be best. All you want is a bit of lube, and something to keep the wet out from causing corrosion. So anything not biodegradable would do.

    The Wife complained for months about the empty pot of bike oil on the hall stand; so I replaced it with a full one.
  • woozor
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    thanks mate! :D
  • yakk
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    Hi there, this is the stuff I use, it resists (apparently) water ie doesn't wash away as easily - never had any problems with it.
    Hope that helps.