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I have new Ksyrium Equipe rear wheel that came with a new bike. Its not rotating very freely. This wheelset doesn't have the feature of adjusting the bearings with a special tool and the Mavic manuals advise against adjusting the bearings manually. I'm hoping that it will gradually become looser and that maybe its just packed with too much grease or something.

I don't fancy having to change the bearings especially as its a brand new set of wheels.
Any help/advice would be welcome!



  • I don't know whether they're cartridge bearings or cup n cone Velo, but when i got my Fulcrum 5s (cartridge bearings), they were noticeably stiff.
    I guess they need time to free up.
  • turnerjohn
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    Mavic bearing always do seem a little stiff from the outing...their soon loosen up. If the freehub is sticking its really easy to take off and remove any excess grease . Remove the end nut (4 or 5mm allen key one side and spanner on the other) then pull the freehub off ! make sure you catch to retaining springs and ratchets. Clean, little oil and put it back together....may just help :D
  • Thankts guys. Yeah I hope I its just the 'newness' of the wheels that has them a bit stiff.