bike shop with decent tools in Heathrow/Windsor area

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I have a 1" steel fork that needs it crown facing/reaming from JIS (27.0mm) to ISO (26.4mm).

Ive exhausted my LBS's and cycle clubs, it looks like the only place local(ish) to me that has the right tools to face/ream a 1" fork is Chas Roberts in Croydon, but I cant get hold of them on the phone to be certain

Can anyone else recommend a really good bike shop more local to Windsor/Twickenham/Heathrow area that may have the tools and expertise to do the job?


  • There's the new place in Staines called The Bike Shop or failing that you could try as they cover that area.
    Another option unless you've tried them is Cycleman in Ashford.
  • Sigma Sport?

    Their new head mechanic is a dab hand with classic frames and recutting threads / refacing frames etc. I dont know if he's got all his frame making tools up in London, but he certainly owns everything you need.
  • Sigma Sports dont have the required tools unfortunately, but they put me on to Chas Roberts (whom are a bit too far out for me to get to at the moment).
  • Some headset mfrs. will offer a 27.0 crown race option. Try contacting them as they don't always advertise if it's available.