Shimano 6701 Chain

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I Have a Dura-Ace 7800 cassette, Ultegra 6700 Rear Derailleur and Chainset and Ultegra 6600 Front Derailleur. A bit of a mix but i am unsure if i can run the Ultegra 6701 Chain with this combination or would i be better with the Ultegra 6700 as i am unsure if this Chain is compatible with the rest of the components?


  • Any 10 speed chain will work. Avoid the 6700 though as it has a reputation for sudden failure after very few miles (mine went at 50 miles from new) and hence the 6701 version. Seriously though, fit a KMC, it's got a quick release link so no faffing with new pins every time you have to take the chain off.
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  • Cheers thanks for the advice.