changing a SRAM rival rear cassette and mech

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Am about to buy a bike which has SRAM rival gears. On the rear it has a 11-27 cassette, and a short cage mech. Is it difficult to change this to a 12-32 cassette (which I would prefer)? I believe I will also need to change to a mid cage mech which SRAM rival do. Is that difficult? And finally will I need to change any other parts such as the chain?

thanks for any advice. :?:


  • Changing the cassette and mech isn't too difficult but you'll need a chain whip and cassette locking tool.
    If you're going up to a 32 tooth cassette you'll need a longer chain most probably.

    If you've not done it before, take a look on the Park tools website to find out how to do the work.