Selling my Izoard 2010 for a cento one good idea?

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Hi all.
Im totally bitten by the cycling bug and get out nearly everyday at the mo and in my first year covered just shy of 8000 miles. im on my 5th bike Wilier izoard 2010 in lampre colours with mavic cosmics on it. I have not seen eye to eye with the carbon campag centaur on it since day one and to change the groupset has been a dicision i cannot make and ive just thoguht well I may treat myself. I have some funds due to me next month and im thinking ive earnt it over the last year to treat myself for all my efforts. here is the thing im open to options on a new bike but would like to stick with wiliers. If i change mine ofr a cento one with it be a little bit better or will be a whole new ball game? the one i have my eye on has di2 on it and will get me out the campag camp too? any thoughts anyone ridden both and able to compare. I cycle on my own everyday and do not race or anything its purely for enjoyment. i do mountains and flat and everything in between. Im doing it for fitness and fun nothing more just incase you need any more info. Any thoughts or just a huge waste of cash? Im not too worried about the money (within reason) i dont want to chuck it away but it gets me somethign "whoh thats incredible" then im very interested. any help appreciated.


  • Is this your 5th bike in one year? and only 8000 miles? If so, get a grip take a step away from the consumerism bubble and enjoy cycling not wasting stupid money on things you dont di2
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    The Izoard with Cosmics is all the bike you need and more tbh.

    It's your cash though and you can spend it how you like obviously, just that the perceived gains may be minimal at best.
  • We're heading for a double-dip recession mate, so don't be too surprised if you're not inundated with useful and/or sympathetic advice.

    I say do what you like with the money you earn. But you haven't helped yourself in one respect. You neglected to say exactly what is wrong with Centaur. For 99% of the non-pro population, that would be more than ample. Is it the grips you don't like, the noise maybe, does it change too slowly for you, is it too heavy, is it the throw or feel of the levers? A bit more detail would be good if you want some clear pointers.

    I ride a 2007 Focus Izalco Expert with Campy Chorus throughout. It cost me well under £1k and it's nothing fancy especially compared to the current crop of bikes but I love it to bits and it's all the bike I'll ever need. Frankly, it'll always outperform me.

    Unless I were such a superb athlete that I warranted such significant upgrades in such short spaces of time, I'd just be delighted to be out there cycling. Fall in love with the bike you have and appreciate how good it is instead of nitpicking would be my attitude. It sounds like you might be entering that obsessive-compulsive zone where you love the technology more than the sport itself. If so, you won't stick with cycling. I've seen people burn out before, and it's a shame because they end up back on the sofa or doing another sport to death, whilst yet another special bike is forgotten and vegetates in the shed.

    It IS great that you're putting so many miles in and I know how addictive it is, but just hold on to the reasons you're out there. Do you want another upgrade for you or is it just for show? I'm on your side as a fellow rider, but I'm just saying it like it is.

    Good luck.
  • Wilier with Shimano! Get a grip. If you like spending money get a Cento Uno with electric Campag in spring. Chorus , Record and Super Record are much better than Centaur.
  • Ok thanks for the info even if some were a bit harsh jesus! The problem with the centaur is it has been to many shops over the last 9 months and they have all fettled with it and it still does not work right, ive changed the chain had the right hand gear mech inside changed completely although this made a difference the chain still goes bang when your just peddling along and changes when it likes. Im no mechanic but i know its not simple things like cables etc ive had that changed 4 times and two new gear hangers. other than changing the groupset im fed up with it constantly coming back from a shop to be told its working fine when it clearly isnt. Each time it goes in it costs me more and the inconvenience. I have used many shops and seeked advice for a good mech out here and they do know what they are doing (some of them) and it seems fine for a day or two then goes all unreliable again. I was looking at upgrading as the cost of a groupset is say 1k for record (yes i do prefer the look and feel of the campag) but wanted to go the di2 route purely for reliablitly purposes. defo not a bike that will end up in the shed as im out on it 6-7 days a week and being in mallorca you can imagine the roads and weather im quite lucky (today it chucked it down!) Will take the advice on board. in a perfect world i would put campag super record on it but to spend over a grand on a groupset on a bike thats worth about 1200 quid seems a mistake? change groupset or whole bike?
  • oh and the recession tell me about it here in spain we have 23% unemployment my town is like a ghost town all the shops have pretty much closed down and my house is worth 40% less than what i paid for it 4 years ago and its only the cycling that gets me away from it all to clear my head which is why its important too me. im well aware of the financial situation the world is in and if im honest i probably earn less than 99% of people on the forum i just saved up for years for a car that i never bought in the end.
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    Di2 might be a good idea for you with all your mechanical strife. It's about as fit and forget as you're gonna get save going singlespeed.

    Spend your money on what you like but I'd try and have a blast on the frame first as I think once you get to a certain level it's more about the nuances of each frame and whether they are what you're after rather than this is better than that, if you get me.

    I don't subscribe to this nonsense of "earning" a level of equipment. If you worked for your money and you're not depriving the kids, spend it on what you like, you're clearly going to use it a lot so why not get something you're really happy with.

    Having said that I'd advise taking some time to make the decision and trying a bunch of bikes and groupsets. Nobody on here can tell you if it will be worthwhile changing, you'll have to work that out for yourself.
  • thanks evil yeah i hear you. will see if i can find something to try bit hard here in mallorca for choice. thanks
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    I bought a cento - my 4th bike, and second Wilier - absolutely love it to bits, but I have made one change - lost the Chorus, and replaced with Super record 11speed

    bike heaven!

    do it !
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    Strange that you are having problems with the groupset - I have the same bike (wheels are Neutrons though) and I've never had any problems. I think it's a good groupset and for my standard all I need. Having said that I don't do the miles you do, and I have a 'winter' bike for poor weather.

    Incantations help you on the Cento choice, it's a fantastic bike but I don't know how much difference you would notice. Would the integrated seatpost make it a bit stiff? See is you can get a test ride.

    If I was spending that money though, I would also want to try something from Colnago, Viner and a few others.
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    A bike is a simple thing and Centaur is reliable. A new frame will make zero difference. If there is no one on Mallorca who is any good with Campag then that might be a reason to change groupset but not the bike. You could replace the Campag with 105 and your cycling experience would be hardly different to that if you bought a whole new bike with Dura Ace or Record.

    Don't blame Centaur just because your local shops can't fix it. If you have a bad one off experience with Shimano, and then a bad one off experience with SRAM, you won't be able to have gears at all if you have that attitude and I can imagine Sa Calobra on a single speed wouldn't be much fun :lol:
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    I have a Pinarello with Centaur (09). I had constant problems with the rear shifting too. It was almost like the indexing wasn't correct (i.e. overshifting by a fraction, which ended up with a double shift later on down the block.) New Campag cables, fitted correctly and cut cleanly using a Park Tool cutter made no difference. The mech was fine, without a cable on it it moved freely back and forth across the casette. The hanger was changed just to make sure, but to no avail. The set up was done exactly according to Campag's own documented procedure and still I experienced problems. I stripped the lever and found no faults, everything moving correctly within, with no broken parts.

    I came to the conclusion that it just wasn't a good lever design - the lever contains the indexing ratchet, everything from there back is just slaved - the cable, to the rear mech. The lever indexing itself just wasn't right. My pal in my LBS has now sent the levers back as a warranty claim and I have fitted Chorus instead. What a difference, from moment one the shifting was precise and didn't 'go off' with use. The bike was like a complete new beast.
    So, for all those who say he has it wrong and that Centaur is a great groupset, well, IMHO the '09 right shifter seems to have some problems.

    Having said that, the brakes seem great and I have never had an issue with them, and the front mech seems fine too (admittedly that is a lot simpler than the rear index shifting). The hood design was much comfier than my slightly earlier model Chorus shifters too, which are shallower (Ergo Shift?).


    p.s. I would go Chorus or above from now on, I suspect that Record would be just sublime...
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    Shimano does "just working" better than all of the other competitors really, Unfortunately you ve annoyed the Campag fanbois so you won't get many sensible answers...

    With regard to the frames - try and test ride them (back to back if possible) and see if you prefer one or the other - or put the money on a Mountain Bike :wink:
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    I say buy it! If it puts a smile on your face and you can afford it, buy it.

    Does your bird not mind you keeping your bike in that nice tidy kitchen? Also... Why you on a turbo when you live in the sun?

    Post a few pics when you've made the purchase.
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    ddraver wrote:
    Shimano does "just working" better than all of the other competitors really, Unfortunately you ve annoyed the Campag fanbois so you won't get many sensible answers...

    how true - i have had Durace and Ultegra 6700, now I am shot of Shimano 'just working' and have campag 'working sublimely' on all my bikes
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  • thanks for the comments pilot pete seems closest! anyway troubles over wilier for sale boguht new bike change of direction totally. Bought a scott Addict RC with full di2 and Dura ace carbon wheels. turns up next week. flying back to uk 13th of Oct for the weekend to pick her up and bring it back here. Ready for winter bugger!
  • as a footnote pete mine was 09 i think and i paid 100 quid to have the entire guts of the lever changed and made a bit of difference but you made a good call chorus is app very good. Well done for stickign with it enjoy I like pinarellos.

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    Pilot Pete wrote:
    My pal in my LBS has now sent the levers back as a warranty claim and I have fitted Chorus instead. What a difference, from moment one the shifting was precise and didn't 'go off' with use. The bike was like a complete new beast.
    So, for all those who say he has it wrong and that Centaur is a great groupset, well, IMHO the '09 right shifter seems to have some problems..

    Odd - I have two bikes with 2010 Centaur and what you say about the Chorus levers I could equally say about Centaur. 5000 miles in all weathers and no problems with either shifter on either bike. Your original shifter can only have been faulty.

    I can't comment on potential design flaws but the 2010 Chorus levers are almost certainly exactly the same. Even Campag don't list a gram of weight difference (which is unusual for them :lol: )
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