New (used) Allez Elite 2010 - what to check?

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My first post on here - what a great forum, I'll be spending plenty of time on here sharing experiences and seeking advice I think (and will post in the new members section as well!).

I've recently sourced a Specialized Allez Elite (2010) which should be arriving in the next couple of days. I bought it used, and unseen, but for a very good price, so thought it was worth the risk and I plan to fit some Crud Roadracer guards and use it as a winter training bike.

I'm conscious that it may not exactly be in sparking condition, so I'm looking for some advice on the things to check over when it arrives, I've thought of a few things (below) but there must be plenty more:

Adjustment of brakes and gears
Chain and drivetrain wear (what's the best way to check this?)
Tyre condition
Wheel trueness / roundness / dish

Would it be worth replacing the cables? How easy is this to do, and how much would it cost me approximately? How do I know if they need replacing?

Any help would be much appreciated!
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  • Wouldn't bother replacing thing unless it needs it.

    Quick list:

    Wheel for trueness and rims to see if the braking surface is worn / damaged. Clean the braking surface. Check the bearings for plenty of grease and there is no side movement

    Tyres - Obviously for life remaining and to see if you have any punctures or sharps of glass etc waiting to make their way through.

    Drivetrain - chain stretch and to see if all the gears shift smoothly. degrease the chain and lubricate.

    Brakes - do the pads need changing any time soon? ensure they work correctly and efficiently.

    BB - ensure the crank spins smoothly and the BB is not knackered

    Headset - does the handlebars move smoothly? check for correct pre load on the bearings

    Think that should do yo, should take about 40 minutes or so.

    If you need any help in doing things check here:
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    About the tires, if you can make the time, check the inside for bedded debris. it can be hard too see from the outside if it's already made it's way too far.
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    Great stuff thanks guys, also found this which will help no doubt:
    2012 Scott CR1 SL
    2013 Dolan Dual
    2016 Boardman Pro 29er