Headset bearings for Specialized Secteur 2010

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is anyone able to point me in the direction of the correct headset cage bearings and new top race for my Specialized Secteur 2010 ?

its a cane creek headset with cage bearings, the bearings are knackered as too is the top race.
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  • rafletcher
    rafletcher Posts: 1,235
    You'll need to get a complete new headset I suggest. But how have you managed to bugger the bearings in just a year!! :shock:
  • Has it got an integrated headset?
    If so I bet when you pull it out its loose balls when Integrateds use a cartridge. My Tricross did. Right ball ache. It was either by a Spec one at stupid money or bung in yet another cage from any shop for a couple of quid. A bit of comparing as there are 2 types of cartridge and I just stuck the cartridges in that wre Cane Creek compatable. Use the thin spacer from your old head set.