Is it easy to change my stem around?

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My handle bars are a bit low and i have a stem that can be chanegd around so that thje angle will make my bars a little bit higher. how long should it take me to do this procedure and is it hard to do??


  • Have you got any spacers above the stem in it's current position?

    It's pretty easy to do.

    1. Slacken off the pinch bolts at the back of the stem
    2. Slacken off and remove the top cap and bolt
    3. Flip the stem over
    4. Replace the top cap and tighten up the bolt (this loads the bearings in the headset)
    5. Tighten up the pinch bolts ensuring that your stem is inline with the saddle and front wheel.

    NB. This is assuming that you've already detached your handlebars.
  • i dont think there are any spacers, ill have to check that one..ill give it a go thought as above..cheers for the advice!
  • keef66
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    Takes seconds.

    When I picked my bike up, on checking the measurements before my final test ride the shop realised the stem should've been flipped. So I held on to the bars while the guy whipped the stem off and fitted it the other way up.

    Just remember to tighten the top cap first (just enough to preload the headset bearings) then do up the pinch bolts.
  • nice one thanks!
  • Yossie
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    Also remember torque settings, copperslip all bolts and do the face plate bolts up equal amounts at a time diagonally to spread the load.

    Stem bolts should also be done up a little at a time in equal amounts the torqued into final.