old marin nail trail commuter conversion!! :)

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Hey there, Ive accquired an old (maybe 10 or even more years old ) Marin nail trail. The plan is to make it into a tuff commuting bike for winter and the pothole strewn roads round my way :). Anyhow I need advice .....frame etc are awesome , in unbelievable nick. Groupset is STX RC....21 speed. However the plan is to swap the chainset to something more commuter friendly, more road orientated chainset. Also rims are well worn Araya doube wall things but to err on side of safety I reckon ill need new rims....(rims havestx parallax hubs, which would be shame to lose)......anyhow yeah stx shifters, v brakes all in working order. Im willing to take my time sell a part, buy a part on ebay until i got it ready for daily commuting duties. im not at all technically minded in this area but have some friends who can assist, however what I wanna know is what chainset/rims/wheels should I go for....want it road sutiable but dont wanna have to spend much money on it......sorry for waffling on and thanks in advance for any advice ideas you guys have got for me!!


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    depending on the age of the frame it might take 27" or 650cc wheels, some early mtb frames have enough space for 29" (700c)

    and single speed it

    nice and simple with good rolling speed......
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    And chuck some slicks on it for speed - see posts passim about what types to go for.
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    My daily commute is a climb out of a valley area....lots of high gradient climbs.....lol actually got two sets of light on the climb so a single speed would be a bit too much of an ask....... :roll:
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    Ok, had a look on ebay at some stuff.......is this viable....sell the stx rc chainset, derailleurs, buy ultegra chainset, derailleurs,....ill can use shimano stx shifters with ultegra gearing??
    Also stx bottom bracket is square tapered variety so should be ok to use with ultegra chainrings/ccranks??... Brakes are stx rc and need only pads replaced.
    Onto the wheels, is it worth me removing hubs from wheel for resale or rebuild or just scrap em ??...as i said before the rims are very well worn and not worth risk of em collapsing in on me :lol: