1" crown race seating issues

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Trying to fit a 1" Chris King crown race to my 1" steel road fork.

Am even using a Park race setting tool. Trouble is the race seems just a bit too tight to seat on the fork, its sticking on the lip that its supposed to be pressed against.
Despite a hefty whack, the crown race just sits there, loosly fitted.

Do I need to have the base/lip of the steering tube reamed to remove a tiny amount of material, or do I need to get more hefty with the mallet?
Have never had to have a fork reamed, should any good LBS be able to do this? as I dont trust many in my local area.

I dont want to whack much harder for fear of bending the fork drop outs on the work surface.
Never had this problem with 1.1/8th, is it a 1" thing?


  • Monty Dog
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    Sounds like the crown on the fork is a touch too big and needs reducing - you need to find someone with a Crownrace Cutter to do the job or someone who can file accurately.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • A good 5 minutes of wacking is typical... I put the dropouts on a wooden beam... it's pretty hard to break them
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    There are two 1" standards, ISO and JIS.
    ISO crown race ID is 26.4mm
    JIS ID is 27mm

    Sounds like you may have a mix of parts?