Squeeky/Creaky rear shifting

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I have a Specialized Secteur with 5600 105 groupset.

Recently, when downshifting with the rear shifter (moving to bigger cog) there is a pronounced squeak/creaking noise. I can't pinpoint the source of the noise as it's reverberating through the frame but I'm pretty sure it's not the shifter or the mech.

Possible sources, I'm guessing, are cables/outers and the bottom bracket guide.

The bike is coming up to 1 year old and has a reasonable amount of use.

Question are
1. Is it likely that the BB cable guide needs replacing? Do these wear?
2. What sort of life should I expect from my cables & outers?


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    My 105 is 3 years old and ridden all year round, and it's still on the original cables and functioning faultlessly. I do keep it all clean and well lubed.

    Curious that it's only noisy when shifting down. Would suggest something to do with cables or the rear mech since you're increasing tension in both. Never heard of a cable guide wearing out, but I suppose it's possible

    Try a drop of oil on the bearings of each jockey wheel; they can squeak a bit if running dry. And get the bike in a workstand so you can spin it round and trickle a bit of oil down the cable outers. Also lube all the pivot points of the rear mech (there are more than you first think)

    Creaking generally can be QR skewers (clean and grease) seatpost (ditto) BB cups (ditto) cranks (ditto) bars etc..... You get the idea. (Doubt that any of these would only manifest themselves when downshifting though)
  • Thanks for that.

    It's definitely something to do with the cable being tensioned. I'm guessing there's some friction somewhere, either in the cable/outers or the cable guide.

    Might just have to strip it down and clean it all out...
  • Not a definite fix yet, but I swapped the cable outer closest to the rear mech for another one (canabilised my wife's bike!) and it appears to have sorted out the shifting problems...

    The cable itself is brand new so must be the outer which is causing the problem. Maybe something has got inside it and is causing the friction...

    Have ordered some Gore Ride-on cables to replace so hopefully will be back working fine soon