Bike Build Guide

Dirk1978 Posts: 148
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I am wanting to build myself a road bike from scratch. Can anyone suggest a book/dvd or website to help me through this process.?

Many thanks


  • Do you want to make the frame? wheels? or just assemble the bits?
  • I built a road bike from the frame up for my son recently to join in junior summer league racing. Never done it before, so bought a maintenance guide (The Ultimate Guide to Bicycle Maintenance (Magbooks)) from WH Smiths for around a tenner, which did help but probably was a bit too generic to do a complete build from. To be honest you can get loads of helpful info just by searching on you tube. Break your build down into sections and then research each one, and if you can I would suggest getting hold of a cheap bike to strip and rebuild first before taking on your real project. I enjoyed doing it so much I've started servicing friends bikes now and am looking to get on a Cytech course with a view to changing careers!!