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Wheels about £250: Ultegra 6700?

JoycieJoycie Posts: 127
edited September 2011 in Road buying advice
Having never upgraded wheels before (Boardman Team Carbon Fi) and after coming off the bike a few weeks ago and buckling the standard Ritchey Pro DS wheels that were on the bike I'm thinking about grasping the opportunity!

I'm looking to spend about £250 and was thinking about the Ultegra 6700 wheelset.

I notice that there seems to be two types on the go at the moment. I think it might be the 2011 version and the 20112 "grey" version.

Is there any difference with these apart form the colour?

Are there any other wheels I should be considering about this price (or less)?



  • MettanMettan Posts: 2,103
    They're good quality, well-speced, well made, light-enough wheels - however, although they're advertised as accepting both tubeless and clincher tyres, I found them profoundly hard to get normal clincher tyres on them - (other people might have different experiences though - one or two people on this forum have them). I ended up selling mine due to the ease of clincher tyre compatibility - Another option are the Braccianos for £255 ... ROLWHFR280
  • solboysolboy Posts: 368
    speak to Harry Rowland and he will build you a set on Ultegra hubs for that sort of money.
  • +1 for Harry Rowland. He built me some Open Pros on Ultegra a few months ago - love them
  • JoycieJoycie Posts: 127
    If I lived closer then I'd think about Harry (interesting website - he appears to tell it straight!) but if I was going for the hand built option I'd quite like to meet the person.

    I'm guessing that rider weight/build plays a part in the art of the perfect wheel and I'm only 54kg so it's probably best to see the customer.

    I'm not overly swayed towards the Ultegra as it's a SRAM set up I've got on the bike and Mettan's comments on the ease of fitting a tyre puts me off the 6700's - last time I tried to change a tyre on my Bontrager wheels I was pleased at having completed it in under an hour!

    I'll have a look at the Bracciano's as they seem to get good reviews per the Ribble site. Slightly over my budget with postage but guess that's always the way with cycling :)
  • Beyond your stated budget but if you want to meet a builder builds great wheels and is close-ish to you (as in, within a few miles!)
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