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Another Planet-X

ductionsductions Posts: 274
edited September 2011 in Your road bikes
My Planet-x that I bought second hand in great condition.

I've since replaced the seatpost with a planet x seatpost as the FSA had too much set back (planet x was actually lighter too) as well as swapping the stem for a shorter one. Great bike, really nice ride and so light compared to my old Boardman comp.




Has Dura-Ace rear mech and shifters; Ultegra chain, cassette and front mech; and FSA slk chainset and brakes (which are really good!).


  • Very stealthy.

    I totally envy your flexibility being to ride that position. Of course, you may just have really long legs and arms like some kind of alien lol

    Nice bike though
  • Ha it's not that insane. I am pretty lanky though. Like I said I've replaced the stem for a shorter one and the seatpost for one less set back. My seatpost at the moment is probably 2cm lower than it is in the photo.
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