how long for parts to be delivered

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My bike is currently in for a warranty repair at Evans, the rear derailleur needs replacing . Its currently been 10 days and I have been told they should get the parts by next week.this will take it to over 2 and a half weeks to replace a campag veloce this acceptable??


  • Not really - they may be waiting for the warranty replacement, but in the meantime should take one from stock (or another bike)
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  • thanks for the responce...thats exactally what i was thinking.... this is also providing it comes in next week. so p*****d off with them.. i wont be spending one more penny in there store
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    Company like Evans, probably biggest Campag stockist in the country (directly in chain sets or indirectly fitted to what they sell etc) I'd expect a couple of days at most.Could see it being a week or two from LBS but they're taking the mick really. Contacted Campag direct? They'd have a bit to say I reckon.

    If you were buying it for cash I bet they could soon come up with the goods.
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    More likely to be a backlog in the workshop. Take your bike in as soon as, then get round to repair when they can. You're unlikely to go and remove bike so they get the money. Or as it's warranty they will need to get the replacement mech authorised by camapg as a faulty one - we all know it's legally Evans as the retailer that's responsible, but they'll want Camapg to agree to pay for the replacement before doing the work so they're not out of pocket. That all takes time.
  • thanks for the replys... Bike has been sitting at Evans since 28th August, they said they would do it that week. Now i have been told it wont be this week as the parts havent arrived from the warehouse. I think my frustration is that im not getting any explination to why the bike hasnt been fixed, just the "parts havent arrived and they should be on the next van load" , yet i have been told this 3 times...
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    Go to Campag direct is my advice.
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