When does the Fort bill dh and red's stay open until

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As the subject says. I think it finishes for the season in September, anyone know when? (and why is it so easy in the year?)
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  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 15,475
    It's next week, the 15th I think. Also there's a race this weekend, BDS or SDA, so restricted or no uplift. Bit bummed about that, I was going to head up this weekend :(

    As for their season- no idea. I was told it was restricted by their licence but speaking to Nevis people more recently, that doesn't seem to be true. As it gets later in the year the weather's going to cause a lot more disruption, and also a bit more damage to the trails, and I know they do most of their building in the downtime but it really seems like they could stay open a little longer. Definately could reopen earlier!
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    DH race is cancelled, so go nuts this weekend!
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    OTOH, it's cancelled because they reckon the lifts will be shut :lol:
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