10 speed chainrings on 11 speed set up

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Hi there, is anyone using this combination, i suppose the 11 speed rings are a bit narrower but i haven't seen any technical specs about this.If 10 speed rings are a bit wider wouldn't this put a strain on the chain? This all seems common sense but has anyone been using 10 speed rings on 11 speed setup for a while with no problems,?


  • Wouldn't have thought there is a difference in the chainrings themselves, more a difference in the spacings between chainrings on 10sp and 11sp chainsets.

    Could be wrong, though.

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    On campag 11sp rings are 0.4mm closer together because of the narrower chain that's used. But internal width of 10 & 11spd chains is identical so you'll not "strain" you 11sp chain in any way - BUT if you have a full 11sp setup then the mechs will be narrower that 10sp ones, so you'll probably get more chain rub using a 10sp chain.
  • Should be 100% fine... the role of the front derailleur is that of throwing the chain up and down, 0.4 mm more or less won't make any difference (might have to adjust the screws though)

    You'd be amazed by how compatible parts really are... at the moment I am running an old 8 speed rear derailleut on a 10 speed setup without any issue
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  • The cable pull of 10 speed will be different to 11 speed. So the indexing will be out?
  • gilesjuk wrote:
    The cable pull of 10 speed will be different to 11 speed. So the indexing will be out?

    Not the front... you are talking about the rear
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    I use a 2008 Campag Record UT Chainset with my Record 11 Speed and it works perfectly.

    On my training bike I have a 2004 Square Taper Record Chainset and that works perfectly with my 11 Speed Record setup as well.

    My future son-in-law runs a Chorus 2010 11 Speed Chainset with his 10 speed setup and it is seamless.

    So I wouldn't worry, if your gears are setup perfectly then go for it.
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    Thanks for the replies, i will be using Athena shifters, rear mech, front mech and Chorus 11 speed cassette- i have a carbon Centaur 10 speed chainset not in use , so was wandering if this would be ok- replies seem to suggest i won't have any problems , thanks again.