1st Uplift...

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Any tips?

Got my 1st uplift booked for Saturday at Cwmcarn, can't wait!

I'm giving the Canyon a good once over with the torque wrench tomorrow to ensure everything is tight.

Not sure what to expect tbh, I've been down the DH quite a few times now although only 2 full runs on the Canyon and never been on an uplift.

I'm hoping to have a easy start an then see what the bike can do. Going to hope to be the last down each time but I guess I'll get to know if I'm faster/more competent than others.

Will be dressed as a power ranger so hopefully have a bit more confidence but I just don't want to over do it!


  • Uplifts are great fun.

    Did my first at Bringwood last year,basically make sure you pack your car with plenty of food for lunch as it's fairly hard work doing that much downhill.. Other wise just enjoy 6-8 hours of just running DH :p
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    Everyone soon spreads out once the uplift gets to the top at Cwmcarn, some people make a dash for the runs and others take there time. I wouldn't worry about it too much and just go there and enjoy yourself.
  • Cheers guys :D

    I'm buzzing, how I'm supposed to sleep I dunno :lol:

    Kit is packed, bike checked over ad i'm set to go!
  • Oh I did have 1 question...

    Riding wit my trail pack? Yay or nay?

    I don't have anything else to carry a spare tube in and I don't want to have to keep going to the car for juice.... sensible?
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    I leave mine in the car as the car isn't far from the pickup area.
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    Did one run with it on and then chucked it in the car lol.

    Epic day though, got 9 runs in before Squarepants get a puncture at ten to 5.. decided to pack up and call it a day and it started chucking it down a few mins later so it musta been a sign!

    Had a "moment" before a rooty drop, hit a tree on the inside with my shoulder which bounced me off and I went down the drop sideways with only 1 foot on the pedals :lol:
    Some how managed to stay on though.

    Then I went and had an over the bars on a steep and wet rooty section hehe!
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    How was the bike?
    Canyon Nerve AM 6 2011
  • Couldn't fault it at all..... very very very pleased with the bike thats for sure!
  • Top day with Ben, recommend it to anyone Darrell seems to get to the top in the shuttle rig pretty quickly. Good bunch of riders it seems and I'd say we were somewhere in the middle of the skill/experience/speed scale. I enjoyed being at the back though as I think I'd rather float behind someone than feel pressured to go flat out and possibly crash as a result.

    Thanks again to Ben for being a good riding companion for the day :D
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    It's not that I'm over over biked, my bike is under personed...
  • Yup, starting last was a good option, never missed a bus so it didn't really matter tbh!

    Cracking day tho fella, deffo got to get some more booked!
    Did you manage to get some DH tubes from PS cycles?

    My whole body is acing today!
  • No didn't go in the end, will do though. Yep In bits too today, surprising/not surprising in equal measure, was more punishing than I realised.

    I'll have a look at Wednesdays in work see when I can get some A/L
    Cube Hanzz Pro FR
    It's not that I'm over over biked, my bike is under personed...
  • try the maxxiss FR tubes, found there pretty good against punctures, and not quiet as heavy as there DH tubes a good set up your more FR style bikes, so you could huck them up easier to jumps sections and so on :)
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