Campag mix and match.

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Hi Folks
I have been a dedicated Shimano man since indexed shifters came in but am about to embark on a project that involves a Campag 11 speed drivetrain. Is it OK to mix and match parts from any of the present 11 speed line up? Can I, for instance, use Record shifters with Chorus mech's and or an Athena chainset?
At present my winter bike has Shimano 105 shifters, Ultegra front mech, Dura Ace rear mech, and Sram chain + cassette, which work perfectly.
as long as I keep to 11 speed will Campag work the same?




  • Monty Dog
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    Yes, mixing drivetrain components is no problem - in fact you could use a 10 speed rear mech. Chainsets are almost universal too - whilst 11 speed chainrings are slightly narrower you can run 10 speed rings. Obviously, you need to use an 11 speed chain and cassette, but can interchange between Super Record, Record, Chorus and Athena - the main differences are down to materials and finishes i.e. use of carbon and titanium in place of aluminium and steel on cheaper parts - they all share a similar 'functional' design.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Many thanks Monty.

    Your explanation is just what I hoped.

    much obliged