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Shimano 2300

tobiii95tobiii95 Posts: 43
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I am thinking about getting my first road bike and wondering if shimano 2300 is a good option.


  • dcurzondcurzon Posts: 290
    mine has 2300 (triple/9) works just fine. Haven't ridden anything else to compare it to though.
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  • petemadocpetemadoc Posts: 2,667
    2300 is one of the lower end basic groupsets.

    You press the button and it changes gear just fine. If you're looking at buying a first road bike or a winter bike it's perfectly adequate.

    When you compare it to say shimano 105 then things aren't quite as good. The gears don't engage with that nice smooth instantaneous click. You get 8 gears on the back instead of 10. You can't change up a gear whilst on the drops because the button is out of reach. I would imagine it's heavier too.

    So if you think you'll ever be racing or getting into cycling as a hobby you may want something better. Otherwise 2300 is fine for daily use, commuting, fitness rides etc.

    Of course what budget you have makes a difference too, what's the bike you're looking at?
  • As a first road bike, to get you into riding, it'll work fine. If you do get into it seriously, it won't be very long before you start feeling the urge to upgrade, but the same can be said of anything in that price range.

    Whether it's a good option depends what you want. If you're unsure how much you're going to be riding, then by all means buy a cheaper bike and see how you go. If you're fairly sure you're going to do a lot of road riding, though, you might be better off spending more to get a bike with Tiagra or 105, which will last you through more serious riding.
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