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Which is better Dawes or Raleigh?

noddydognoddydog Posts: 3
edited September 2011 in MTB buying advice
I'd like to buy my son a new bike and have two possible options, the Dawes Bullet at £225 or the Raleigh Gritstone at £200.

My wife has had a Dawes bike for nearly 10 years and had good service from it. But when I was younger Raleigh were a good brand. The salesmen for the Raleigh claims the brands are very similar to each other, but obviously he has a vested interest in me buying the Raleigh. However my son has had a test ride on it and found it ok. The Dawes on the other hand will need to be ordered in with payment in advance.

For reasons I won't go into I need to make the decision in the next 24 hours, so I'd appreciate some swift feedback.

Many thanks.


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