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fsa chainrings

thecmthecm Posts: 71
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Ordered some new few pro compact chainrings from CRC. The ones on the web image are an anodised grey and marked as 10 speed. They have sent me some black ones marked S-9, colour is not important. On queryng the suitability of these for a 10 speed set-up with CRC they tell me it's fine but I can have a refund if I wish. Are they right? All I can see on the fsa website is that they are available for 9- and 10- speed...but not whether it's the same part.


  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    It'll be the same part probably - the width of the teeth for 9 and 10sp are the same - as the inner chain plates are the same dimension - in fact I think 8/9/10 and 11spd chains all have the same inner dimension, and myabe even 6 and 7sp.

    The difference in 10sp is the outside width of chains is less, so front chainrings are slightly closer together - on campag 0.4mm. Also 10sp mechs are that bit narrrower to suit the narrower chain. So a 10sp chainring "might" be a fraction of a millimeter thinner than a 9sp, but I seriously doubt it - and if it is I doubt it'll make censored all difference to you. :D
  • thecmthecm Posts: 71
    Thanks for that. Sounds like I'll be ok just worried that there'd an issue and once fitted there'd be no refund on £65 of chainrings!
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