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2 working wheelsets with their own cassettes?

letap73letap73 Posts: 1,608
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I have just bought a new wheelset and I would like to put an identical cassette to the cassette on my original wheelset so that it becomes very easy to swop the wheelsets. However, I suspect that the original chain will probably not work as well with the new cassette (wear issues?). Thus, can I have two working wheelsets which I can interchange very easily or should I just put the original cassette onto the new wheelset?


  • If your old chain is so worn that it will not work with the new cassette then you really need to change the chain.

    I happily run 2 sets of wheels complete with their own cassette and do not find any problems.
  • letap73letap73 Posts: 1,608
    I have not bought a new cassette yet, though I do not want to waste money if the arrangement doesn't work. Since the chain is not badly worn but worn due to use then it should work.Thus a new cassette doesn't require a new chain?
  • danlikesbikesdanlikesbikes Posts: 3,898
    Yep if your chain is not "that" worn then you should be OK. Would try it out first with the same chain and see how it runs, but don't see that you will be loosing out. Unless your are saying that if it doesn't work by buying a new cassette for either wheelset and the old chain will not work properly on both then your only other option is to change the cassette to the wheelset you are looking to use.

    Have done both myself and is a case of more effort in taking off the cassette and moving over to wheels Vs the cost of running a new set on each wheelset.
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    If you use one pair of wheels more than another, its better to periodically swap the cassettes about in order to keep the wear more even.
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