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innovations air chuck seals - fixable ?

forward_loopforward_loop Posts: 312
edited August 2011 in Workshop
I've got an original airchuck sl. Part of one of the internal polymer o-rings was pulled off with the unit after the last puncture.

Apparently this happens quite a lot with some models - is it possible to repair ?

although a few years old its only been used a dozen times and £20 seems a bit steep for a straight replacement.


  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Expect there's just a couple of standard O-rings inside - there's a cir-clip on the end that if removed should allow you to release the plunger and get to the o-rings. If you went to an engineering / hydraulic seal supplier they should be able to furnish you something suitable for a few pence -standard EPDM/nitrile rings should be fine. Many years ago I used to work with high-pressure gas systems at 300bar and we'd just use stock o-rings at temperatures from -40 to 200 - which should be enough for a gas inflator.
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