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Bum Seeks Saddle (& the rest) for Saucy Rides

an_original_namean_original_name Posts: 339
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everything you have written there is easily achievable (if you have the money), with the exception of maybe the dropper seatpost being routed internally. as far as i'm aware the only dropper post you can route internaly is the reverb stealth, and that is only coming pre fitted to trek and scott bikes (i think), so you'd have to go back to your original idea of the slash or something similar from them.

you say you dont want to spend £5k. how much do you want to spend?


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Those are not really "characteristics".
    You will find that the design of the bike changes how it rides, much moreso than the amount of travel, or what shock it has.
  • benpinnickbenpinnick Posts: 4,148
    Id go the self build route from one of the following:

    Santa Cruz Nomad/Nomad C
    Intense Tracer 2
    yeti 66

    All of the above with either RP23 or CCDB

    Also might be worth waiting to see if the new Intense carbine is launched with ISCG.

    On this I would put a set of Fox 32/36 Floats with Cane Creek headset

    Full XT group set including brakes (From Merlin)

    Some nice but solid wheels, maybe Havens/Havocs or Hope Pro 2 Evos on Flows

    Finish with a Reverb dropper, saddle of your choice (I personally like Charge saddles) Enve or Thomson stem, Enve bars or Haven/Havoc bars and saddle of your choice.

    This bike will go up and down happily all day long and be much less than £5k. It would not be as DH orientated as a Scratch, but you'll find it much better for the days when you're not pointing solely downhill, and any of these will downhill just fine.

    Happy days.
    A Flock of Birds
    + some other bikes.
  • benpinnickbenpinnick Posts: 4,148
    My route would be Frame + £2500 worst case scenario. Probably £500 less if you properly shop around. That would buy you basically the best you can get without spending silly money going XTR/Carbon everything, Chris King hubs etc.
    A Flock of Birds
    + some other bikes.
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