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mavic ksyrium elite hubs

raisinraisin Posts: 2
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Got some play developing - about 1-2 millimetres with the front hub. when i take the skewer out, i can get hold of both ends of the axle and it moves horizontally - only horizontally for about 1 millimeter. Ive got the little spanners from mavic but when i locate them in the nothces it's obvious i'm missing something out - or is the hub just knackered ?

Thanks fo any advice.


  • I think.....put the wheel back in the frame with the QR engaged. Tighten the bearing play by using the Mavic plastic tool until play is just eliminated.
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  • YossieYossie Posts: 2,600
    Agree as above: you can also use an allen key (4 or 5mm if I remember rightly): turn the Mavic tool half a turn at a time until play is removed but it still spins perfectly.

    Don't go too tight as you'll shear the teeth on the plastic Mavic key.

    As well, if you go too tight the wheel won't spin and JM's LBS will have made another great impression on a customer who never went back after they mugged up his bike.
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