Shimano 9 speed rear mech compatability with Campag Ergo's

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Hi - I need a new rear mech to go with my Campagnolo 9 speed ergo's, the options with Campagnolo are pretty limited starting with very over priced Xenon's. The question is could I buy a shimano 9 speed rear mech and be sure it would work?
Many thanks
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  • tobciocc
    tobciocc Posts: 276
    I think so, the xenon stuff is terrible. I've used it before.
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  • 2alexcoo
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    Shimano mechs use a different cable pull ratio so that won't work.

    Something like this is probably the best option. Unlike Xenon there are no nasty plastic bits on Veloce.
  • rafletcher
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    You could google "shimergo" and see what u find out - but it's a bodge. Get a velice mech and do it properly.