Hope pro 3 - 8 speed cassette compatibility

Strith Posts: 541
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I want a new set of wheels for my winter training bike and I'm considering a set of open pros on pro 3 hubs.

Will an 8 speed cassette fit on these hubs? As Hopes website states they are 9/10 speed compatible, but no mention of 8 speed.




  • 2alexcoo
    2alexcoo Posts: 251
    Yep, should be fine. I have a set of Pro 3s on one of my mountain bikes, running an 8 speed XT drivetrain quite happily.
  • nicklouse
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    8 and 9 speed shimano patten cassettes are the same width.
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  • gaddster
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    definitely works, I had 8 speed on mine for a while with no problems.
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  • Strith
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    Thanks everyone. Much appreciated