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I'm refurbing an 1982 BSA (made by Raleigh) and am looking to get the frame grit blasted and powdercoated in British Racing Green. I've stripped the bike down to the frame and forks but I have 2 questions if anyone can oblige -

1. What can I use to protect the BB threads and the chrome dimples on the forks?
2. And in your experience is it expected that the customer does this?

Thanks all. :D


  • Yossie
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    If you use a decent powder coater, they will do this for you - just be sure to specify exactly what you want doing.

    I've used Triple S in Bingley (www.triple-s.co.uk or some such similar) lots - very, very good, but lots of people on here also have recommendations.


  • ugo.santalucia
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    No, they will take care of covering the parts that don't need to be painted.

    Powder coating is OK, but you won't get a 1980s enamel finish... it's good for mountain bikes, commuters, kind of heavy duty

    It is significantly cheaper though
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    If anything does get into the threads, get the threads cleaned.

    For any smaller holes you can use a thread tap to clean them out. Don't rely on the bolt cleaning the thread out like you can do with painted frames. The coating is harder and you'll snap off the bolt.

    It won't look so shiny as paint but it's better for the environment, there's no nasty solvents to evaporate.