getting over jumping fear... your experiences

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so, not been back riding long never really need into jumps - guess i've got what you can call an inner chicken always looking to wimp out.

Had a quick blast at Sherwood Pines in the middle of this week and took a decent fall from some of the woodwork shore type bits.

I'm wondering how others have bettered the inner wimp and worked to progress thought tougher riding times. I ride with a few lads which are much higher skilled and fitness than me (which I kinda funny as its the same chaps who were a few years younger than me in school so I was always looked up to back when we were 14 lol).

Technically I'm not a bad rider, been riding at least 10 years but I've never really tested myself with jumping. I don't mind tabletop type jumps but anything with gaps etc I just seem to get mentally phased before I've even begun.

I'm considering the 'caution to the wind' approach and just get well padded up and start small...

so whats helps you turn from scared to smooth sailing?


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    jumps are physically easier than drops but harder mentally.
  • i had a nasty smash last year front wheel hung up on top of a double. since then and a session under the knife shoulders re-built.

    it took ages to get the hang of it again and i still chicken out of most doubles but will hit big tabletops. failsafe i suppose.?

    i would advise to start on tabletops and if there your own jumps slowly dig out the middle to create doubles.
    i found using bombhole type doubles (dug into floor) was easy as the jumps only protrude a few feet out of the ground but in reality your hucking 6-8foot high doubles.

    another way is to try bridge the gap between doubles with wood or similar. build a section of shore you can use to bridge the gap. helps when you come up too short to start with and may help the mental barrier.

    hope this sort of helps dude.
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    I have only just recently made the move from XC/trail riding to more downhill and jumping oriented riding.
    I found the best thing to do is follow someone better into them, then once I figure out the speed and things, have a few runs by myself to get the confidence right up.
    Tabletops are definitely way nicer and feel easier to jump than doubles, and once I get sorted on a tabletop, I will usually go find a double similar in size.
    Also, don't try anything new while you're out riding by yourself, in my experience its better to have someone handy to call the ambulance than have to hobble down the hill with torn ligaments in your knee to get help!
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    Small and's that simple...some trail centres etc have skills areas...spend time there. Start on the small jumps and keep on doing the same section until you are happy to progress to the next size...don't give up if the fear bug arrises, go back to the previous size and over time it will come.

    Learn about your positioning, bum over the back wheel works for me on the trail as the bike then does the work, as you hit the jump/table top/drop the front wheel will it does move your centre of gravity forward for the landing..but the key is try and try again.
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    Start small and work your way up. Get comfortable jumping a small table top / double and go from there.
    See if there is a BMX track local to where you live as they often have a wide range of jumps you can practise on.
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    As the guys have said start small, roll them first this gives you an idea of the take off lip, kicker etc.
    Tables are more forgiving than doubles so start on them and don't go hell for leather and try to clear it first run, session it, dedicate a couple of hours to getting it right.

    A question I get asked by my riding buddies is "how do you always land on the transition?"
    answer I don't really know its weird but once you get the feel and comfy in the air you just seem to land perfect, occasionly if you go big you over shoot it and land to flat.

    As already explained in Northern Monkeys post, try to do a bunny hop before the lip of the jump, this seems weird at first but is a fundemental part of jumps (you do it already without knowing it) and as Jedi explains in that post also "everything is done BEFORE lip. never pull, just push. think crouch and then stand"
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