Campag ergo lever servicing

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When pressing the thumb shift on my Campag Centaur QS 10sp 2008 levers the change has become 'sloppy' and therefore is probably in need of a service. Firstly is this a job I could do myself? I do all my own bike maintenance but thought maybe this is a job for the experts as I once took a lock apart and when I removed the plate from the front bits flew everywhere!! If i could do it myself does anyone know which bits i would need to order and where from?

If its a job for the experts does anyone have any recommendations please.



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    There are some You Tube videos of how to do it. I have taken them apart and they are simple enough. Just make sure you note how each part goes together, and in what sequence/ way round washers etc go as you dismantle the lever. A hook tool (or small screwdriver with a notch ground into it will be needed to unhook/ re-hook the spring.

    The Campagnolo site has technical data sheets for each model and they show serviceable part numbers for kits etc.

    Hope this helps.

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    Or get Jeff at Mercian in Derby to do it.

    Proper old boy craftsman, I imagine rows of jam jars full of bits and bobs lining his workbench every time I speak to him! He does not do full weeks though.
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    @Coach H - thanks, I did try Mercian from a recommendation on a previous thread and he emailed to say that they do not service 2008 QS levers. I have downloaded the relevant info from the Campag website, ordered a hook tool and will set to work next week.
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    i've serviced a few and was fully prepared for it to be a nightmare job but was in fact very easy.
    There are so many videos and step by step guides to help you and if it all goes wrong put it in a bag and send it to mercian!
    normally the G spring that needs replacing