BB30 Adaptors - really any good long term?

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I'm considering buying a frame which is BB30, but will likely use Campagnolo gruppo, which means I'd need to install the adaptors for the bearing cups.

I have an aversion to most things with the word "adaptor" in the description, since it always means fitting square peg in round hole, metaphorically speaking.

Anyone done this and then done lots of miles? Are there any issues with the adaptors loosening over time?

Whilst I am competent at building bikes, I'm not that interested in fiddling with cranks that much - rather just build and leave it alone.

I don't need BB30 cranks per se, as the "benefits" it offers aren't significant for me. Just that the frame(s) I'm considering all seem to be only BB30 shells (BMC frames for example).
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    Ultratorque adaptor is press-fit therefore loosening isn't an issue.
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    Yes I know the UT adaptor is press-fit, which is partly the reason for my concern. Press fit relies on the tolerances of both parts to be extremely accurate. Otherwise, the "press" part can either require too much pressure to do, which means over-stressed parts or too little pressure to get the required strength, which means it can work loose.

    Headset cups press fitted into the head tube is one example which generally works well, but the stress loads are vastly lower than those on a crank arm being stomped on by a MAMIL grinding up a steep hill! (That would be, um, me. )
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