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Are these any good for £6.99 ?

defflerdeffler Posts: 829
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£6.99 for Schwalbe Blizzards. Are these any good? ... dium=email
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  • MunzyMunzy Posts: 349
    Not sure but got to be worth a punt - 250g, folding and any Scwalbe tyres I've had for my MTB were excellent.

    I've bought a pair of black ones as spares or will do when selling a bike to spruce it up nicely :)
  • I use them, get good milage out of them 3k+ and they have been pretty puncture resistant for me. Only 1 pinch flat, country lane commute though, don't know that I'd trust them for city riding.

    Frankly I haven't had much luck with more expenive tyres, managed to burst an ultremo going through a pothole and something wrecked the side wall of the michelin pro race I replaced it with after only 100 miles.... Now stick with cheap and slightly heavier.
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  • ben16vben16v Posts: 296
    1st bike for years so cant compare but...non folding blizzards came on my bike lasted 1600miles with only a handfull of punctures with a few nicks and a couple of nicks/tears that made me get some new ones, and thats riding everywhere country lanes slate chips city etc, have changed for gatorskins now same weight but bit more expensive if i`d of seen these i probably would have bought them
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  • ArghyrouArghyrou Posts: 155
    For 14 quid and 250g theve gotta be worth it, I just ordered some.
  • thel33terthel33ter Posts: 2,684
    I've ridden Zaffiro's which have the same tread, but a cheaper compound, and they were great. I'd buy them if I needed another set of tyres.
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  • mouthmouth Posts: 1,195
    I got ripped for £6 for a tube the other day.These look mighty fine on the value front. Might get a couple for spares.
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  • I also took a punt
  • defflerdeffler Posts: 829
    Yeah I decided to take a punt on them and bought x2 pairs in yellow. They cant be any worse than the ZX HD's Im currently using :wink:
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