SRAM Chain Powerlink

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The chain is very clean and lubricated but no matter how I try, I cannot undo it.

I have succeeded on other bikes with the same link, as I know how to do it, but not on the Lynskey.

What's the 'secret' method for obstinate links?
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  • amaferanga
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    If its a 10 speed chain then they SRAM link isn't designed to be undone. You need to use a chain tool.

    Try the KMC quick link.
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  • Good point. I didn't know that.

    It is a ten speed cassette on Apex.
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  • rafletcher
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    I had eactly the same issue this weekend :-) I found a spare Connex link (Wipperman). No idea why SRAM do this on their 10sp chains.