Campag Veloce Shifter broken

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I've a 2010 model Veloce LH shifter and the pig'in shifter lever (the plastic bit) has just snapped off.

Does anyone know if you can get direct replacements (preferably aluminum or carbon to stop this happening again)? :cry:


  • godders1
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    Surely it's still under warranty if it's a 2010?

    If not the part no. is EP-VL004FB ... 010909.pdf

    I imagine you'd have to get youre nearest campag dealer to get it in for you.
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    I just changed the the whole inner unit from mine and mine was 2010 faulty as you like but they blamed wear and tear paid 90 quid to have a new inside fitted. dont knwo if you can get the lever probably i would think but then you have to find a competant mech to do it for you as i think its one of those jobs where you undo one screw and then there is a small explosion of hundreds of little italian particles all over your kitchen floor and you think to yourself I wonder what order they go back in??? i got mine down in a shop 20 quid labour and 90 for the bit but i had to buy the whole inner switch as the switch had gone making the gear change unreliable.
  • Thanks for the replies guys.
    Got them 2nd hand off Ebay so warranty would be difficult to claim. Did inspect them before fitting and happy they were in one piece (lasted a couple of months with me).

    For that repair charge (even estimated) I can get a new pair off Ribble, so I'll do a little more hunting around and probably end up biting the bullet to replace whole thing.

    Thanks for advice though.

    W :)
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    Try these people, nice to deal with: -
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    This seems to be a recurrent problem with Campag shifters. I snapped two in the same place, one Chorus and one Centaur before giving up and moving over to Shimano.