Fixed helped required, vibrating chain

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Since I was going to change the gearing on my fixed I thought it would be time to get rid of the annoying noise, I hoped changing the sprocket would help but it hasn't. It seems as if the chain is vibrating and causing quite a lot of noise. As far as I can see the chain is pretty straight, it certainly looks it to me.

Any adivce/things to try?

p.s. sorry if this has been asked before, i did a search and couldn't find anything.


  • keef66
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    You got the chain too tight??
  • joeyhalloran
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    nope, it is quite lose (although it did start a bit tight).
  • ride_whenever
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    probably the chainline not being quite straight. Take it into a local bike shop and get them to have a look.
  • Monty Dog
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    Put the bike in a workstand and turn the cranks slowly - observe how the chain tracks across the freewheel or chainring and if particular if it's picking-up on the chain side-plates. If the chainline is out, then you may be limited by your component choice in terms of the options. Sometimes you can flip the sprocket as there is sometimes a thicker shoulder on one side, adjust the rear axle spacing / wheel dish, put a spacer behind the BB cup or put some shims between the crank and the chainring.
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  • tremayne
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    What width chain are you using? Track or STD road ie 10 speed or suchlike? I only ask as track set ups will tend to be pretty noisy. It's all subjective of course and one mans noise is another mans symphony.
    Other than chain line already mentioned, check wear, check oil situation, check compatibility of chain set chain and sprock.
  • amaferanga
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    How even is the chain tension as you rotate the cranks? Could be you have a chainring or sprocket that's oval instead of being round.
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  • joeyhalloran
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    All the components are in good condition and well oiled etc...

    Just checked and the chain tension does seem to change quite a bit on one turn of the cranks, any advice on what to do about this? Watching the sprockets and the chain meet it seems like the teeth hit the chain in the middle so I don't think it is that making the noises.

    I am using a normal 3/32 chain, sprocket and chainring.